Video Demonstration Library

Experience Fein power tools for yourself. See how both common and complex tasks can be done faster, better and easier than ever before with the MultiMaster and SuperCut.

The Fein MultiMasterThe Fein MultiMaster Runtime: 1:51 minutes MultiMaster Window Door InstallationMultiMaster Window Door InstallationRuntime: 2:44 minute MultiMaster Carpentry DemonstrationMultiMaster Carpentry DemonstrationRuntime: 0:59 minutes MultiMaster and Furniture AssemblyMultiMaster & Furniture AssemblyRuntime: 1:00 minutes
MultiMaster & Flooring InstallationMultiMaster & Flooring InstallationRuntime: 1:22 minutes MultiMaster & Tile InstallationMultiMaster & Tile InstallationRuntime: 1:15 minutes MultiMaster & Automotive RepairMultiMaster & Automotive RepairRuntime: 1:13 minutes MultiMaster & Boat BuildingMultiMaster & Boat BuildingRuntime: 1:28 minutes
MultiMaster Hobbies & Model BuildingMultiMaster Hobbies & Model BuildingRuntime: 1:14 minutes Fein SuperCutFein SuperCutRuntime: 9:54 minutes
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